We provide :

  • Lifelines & anchor points
  • Handrails and ladders
  • Monorails, gantries
  • Travelling Ladders
  • Cradle Systems.
Industrial Rope Access

Building Access Solutions excel in this field and are industry leaders in applying industrial rope access techniques to tasks that have traditionally required expensive scaffold systems. Consider your tasks, talk to us, you will be surprised what we can do and the possible savings.

Here is a typical example:-

A contractor was to repaint the exterior façade of a large building. The contractor put in place a traditional package of scaffold plus labour plus materials. The scaffold alone was budgeted at £110,000.

The contractor was then made aware of industrial rope access as an option. The contract was completed by rope access at a cost of £70,000 including labour and materials.

This system of works also had other benefits:

  • It had little or no impact on the residents of the tower block.
  • The contract was completed quicker as scaffold assembly and dismantle was not required.

Other tasks we can conduct by industrial rope access include:-

  • Window cleaning
  • Façade cladding cleaning
  • Stone façade cleaning by jet wash, steam clean or sand blast.
  • General maintenance tasks from gutter repairs to high level lighting placement or repair.
  • Glazing repairs.
  • Façade painting window frame painting.
  • Pest control.
  • Complete new build building cleans.
  • New build façade snagging tasks.

Due to the nature of industrial rope access being uniquely flexible among access techniques this list is endless.

The message is, what ever your task, talk to us.