We provide :

  • Lifelines & anchor points
  • Handrails and ladders
  • Monorails, gantries
  • Travelling Ladders
  • Cradle Systems.


Building Access Solutions markets a full range of light weight access equipment manufactured in aluminium for all types of buildings and structures. Our product portfolio includes traversing ladders and platforms, monorail systems, manual and powered trolleys, 2 track systems with roof cars, all kinds of suspended platforms in addition to walkways and safety equipment.

Building Access Solutions access systems are Building Access Solutionsed upon unique aluminium profiles. All the products are built with focus on quality, strength, weight and cost efficiency. All access systems are manufactured, installed and tested according to BS EN1808 statutory regulations to ensure safety and fulfil function.

The high quality combined with low fixed costs and high cost efficiency ensures that all the customer's needs and expectations are satisfied.

All Building Access Solutions aluminium access systems are CE approved.