We provide :

  • Lifelines & anchor points
  • Handrails and ladders
  • Monorails, gantries
  • Travelling Ladders
  • Cradle Systems.

Perfectly equipped in every situation.

Wherever safety is critical:

The first component of a personal fall arrest system is the personal protective gear Full-Body Harness worn by workers while performing the job. Full-body harnesses are the only appropriate equipment to be worn in the event of a free fall. Harnesses should be selected to meet the needs of the work environment.

Safety equipment by Building Access Solutions offers maximum protection. It supplies technically mature retractable type fall arresters and descender devices, rescue devices and silo and other confined space entry equipment.

Building Access Solutions retractable type fall arresters provide protection against falls that is versatile and flexible in application. Easy to use and with practical accessories, they offer maximum safety in virtually any working position.

Our product range includes descender devices, evacuators, entry systems and load-holding devices for a wide range of applications; various ratings and versions are available, depending on requirements. Meeting or exceeding valid regulations, they provide reliable protection for your workers when entering, descending or securing hazardous loads.

All devices listed can be supplied at short notice. We are also able to supply personal safety equipment on request.

For further information, see our full catalogue. We would be pleased to send you a copy

Should you require advice on harness or other fall arrest equipment selection please do not hesitate to call.