We provide :

  • Lifelines & anchor points
  • Handrails and ladders
  • Monorails, gantries
  • Travelling Ladders
  • Cradle Systems.

Eyebolts are a single attachment point for a single user working where there is a risk of falling. The anchor is to be used in conjunction with a harness and a lanyard.

All eyebolts are manufactured in accordance with BS EN795. Manufactured in carbon steel with a galvanised finish as standard the eyebolts can then be powder coated to a colour meeting the customer's requirements. Eyebolts can also be supplied in stainless steel for aggressive environments or should it be aesthetically required.

All eyebolts are proof tested to 10KN prior to despatch.


Installation of eyebolts is carried out in accordance with relevant standards. A competent person with consideration of the following factores must carry out positioning of the eyebolts:

  • The structure must be suitable to withstand the possible peak forces that may be implied.
  • The user must be able to access the anchor prior to entering an area of possible fall hazard.
  • The anchor must be positioned such that in the event of a fall the user's fall arrest equipment has room to deploy and work effectively with attention paid to possible pendulum effects.

An identity disk is positioned behind each eyebolt upon installation. The disk stipulates the eyebolt is for a single user only and gives the date of the next inspection due.


BS EN795 states that eyebolts must be re-tested and or inspected on an annual Building Access Solutionsis.

Eyebolts are subjected to a pullout force of 5KN for 15 seconds. Should eyebolts fail the pullout test they are removed and replaced.

Subject to satisfactory test the identity is replaced and a certificate of test is issued confirming that anchors have been tested in accordance with BS EN795.